The Lost Ways Survival Guide

For as long as time itself, humanity has been dealt with tremendous life-threatening blows. Ranging from pestilence, natural disasters, and droughts that could cause food and water shortages to economic crisis and catastrophes caused by man like war among others.

Some of these things could still occur in our times and we face new ones like a terrorist invasion. If something like this does occur it will be necessary to ensure your survival and that of your family. The information required to guarantee your continued existence can be found in The Lost Ways Survival Guide (1996) .

Author Information

The author Claude Davis is an expert in the art of survival with 30 years relevant experience. Through extensive research delving into the past, he reveals the techniques, secrets and forgotten ways used by our forefathers he has penned the ultimate guide in how to stave off death when faced with any form of calamity.

Outline of The Lost Ways Survival Guide

This insightful and concise guide outlines and fully explain how to apply the 3 life lessons of survival.


How to properly prepare for disaster type situations and to stay ready so you are not caught off guard


Practical measures that you can take to minimize loss


Skills and equipment needed in the aftermath of calamity

Chapters of The Lost Way Survival Guide

Each chapter comprehensively covers relevant topics in a comprehensible easy to reference fashion. The content of these chapters cover all basic needs that will secure your family’s survival:


Have you considered what you would do if there were no guns, no ammunition or any weapons that you could use to hunt with? How will you feed your children? What about modern day conveniences like refrigerators and running water? Davis supplies you these answers and much more.

  • Building foolproof traps to catch wildlife including deer, beavers, and muskrat in winter
  • Preserving clean water like sailors in the 17th century were able to do for months and even years
  • Recipes to make nutritious, high-protein foods as used by Western explorers and the Native American scouts that you can store for extended periods of time
  • Constructing a traditional smokehouse in your backyard for preparing meats and fish


In the event that there is a natural disaster or if there is an invasion, you will need somewhere safe to wait out the storm or hide. Learn from the Native Americans how to build spacious underground roundhouse you can camouflage.


Discover how to make poultices that can be applied to wounds or inflamed areas by mixing herbs, flour, and other ingredients and secured by cloth. You will be surprised how close to modern medicines many practices used by our ancestors actually are.

Buy The Lost Ways Survival Guide

Please remember that we have only reviewed some of the useful information in this book. You can purchase The Lost Ways  in device compatible digital format online which includes bonus materials. It is also available in both hardcover and paperback editions. Learn more about the lost ways at

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